Augsburg Fortress

David N. Johnson, Manuals Only


Jean-Baptiste de Bousset: Air
Johann G. Ebeling: All My Heart This Night Rejoices (Chorale and variations), arr. Piet Post
Baroque SuiteI. Andante (Friedrich von Spee)II. Moderato (Gabriel Voigtländer)III. Adagio (Heinrich Schütz)IV. Allegretto (Johann Scholze)
J. S. Bach:Do With Me As Thy Goodness Prompts TheeJesus, Thou My Dearest LifeNow Woods and Fields are Sleeping
G. Winston Cassler: Eucharistia (Meditation on a plainsong "Kyrie")
Samuel Scheidt: Fail Me Not, O Holy Christ
Enchiridon, 1524: Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior, harm. David N. Johnson
The Sacred Harp, 1844: Jordan, arr. David N. Johnson
Heinrich Schütz: Psalm 56
Claudin de Sermisy: Song
William Boyce: Symphony I, trans. David N. Johnson


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