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Pennsylvania's unique culture gave rise to the first organs built in America by professional organbuilders, and also America’s first native-trained organbuilder, David Tannenberg, all in the 18th century. As cultural assimilation progressed in the 19th century, the characteristics of Pennsylvania organs were also merged with other styles, rendering very interesting organs. The process continued in the first half of the 20th century, rendering organs by such firms as Skinner and Casavant that met the musical expectations of the Pennsylvania culture at the time they were built. This set samples almost all of the organs OHS members heard during the 2003 OHS convention, and includes the entirely unique 1931 Steinmeyer organ as played magnificently by Ken Cowan.

GEORG BÖHM 1661–1737: Capriccio in D
OLIVER SHAW 1799–1848: Trip to Pawtucket, Rondo, The Bristol March
Thomas Dressler, organist
ca. 1780 Tannenberg, Moravian Historical Museum, Nazareth

JOHANN PACHELBEL 1653–1706: Chorale Prelude on Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr
PACHELBEL: Fugue and Chorale on Allein Gott
James S. Darling, organist
1787 Tannenberg, Single Brothers’ House, Lititz

HENRY PURCELL 1659–1695: Voluntary in G
JOHANN BERANEK 1813–1875: Fuga à 4 über den Namen BACH
Robert Barney, organist
1793 Tannenberg, Single Brothers’ House, Lititz

MICHAEL BENTZ 1789–1858: Herz nach dir gewacht
WILLIAM WALTON 1902–1983: Elegy
Gerald E. Mummert, organist
1804 Tannenberg, York County Historical Society Museum, York

JAN P. SWEELINCK 1562–1621: Toccata in C
JAMES WOODMAN b. 1957: Variations on Fairest Lord Jesus
Mark Brombaugh, organist
1805 Doll, Peace Church, Camp Hill

BENJAMIN CARR 1768–1831: Voluntary for Organ: Fugue
Lou Carol Fix, organist
ca. 1789 Green, Peter Hall at Moravian College, Bethlehem

W. A. MOZART 1756–1791: Andante, K. 616
Justin Hartz, organist
ca. 1850 Davis/1989 Brunner, St. James Presbyterian, Mechanicsburg

ANTONIO VALENTE 1520–1582: La Romanesca con
cinque mutanza
Walter Krueger, organist
1862 Kantner, Christ Little Tulpehocken U.C.C., Bernville

ARTHUR BIRD 1856–1923: Improvisato, op. 37, no. 6
MaryAnn Crugher Balduf, organist
ca. 1865 Marklove, Botschaft Lutheran, Mount Pleasant Mills

ARTHUR FOOTE 1853–1937: Canzonetta, op. 71, no. 4
JOHN KNOWLES PAINE 1839–1906: Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn, op. 3
Ann Marie Rigler, organist
1868 Dürner, St. John’s U.C.C., Boalsburg

ALEXANDRE GUILMANT 1837–1911: Marche sur un Thème de Haendel pour l’Orgue
NIELS GADE 1817–1890: Tre Tonstykker: Moderato, op. 22, no. 1
Bruce Stevens, organist
1888 Miller, Salem Lutheran, Lebanon

JACOB FRIEDRICH GREISS 18th century: Chorale Prelude on Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten
CÉSAR FRANCK 1822–1890: Andantino in E minor
John Charles Schucker, organist
1872 Dieffenbach, Salem U.C.C., Bethel

RACHEL ARCHIBALD b. 1911: The Nines
STEFAN SURZYÚSKI 1855–1919: Polish Carol: Pospieszcie pasturszki do stajenki
THOMAS P. RYDER 1836–1887: The Thunder Storm
Lois Regestein, organist
1891 Dieffenbach, Friedens Church, Shartlesville

CALVIN HAMPTON 1938–1984: Hymn Prelude on America, the Beautiful
EDVARD GRIEG 1843–1907: Sidste Vaar
THÉODORE DUBOIS 1837–1924: Toccata in G
David Dahl, organist
ca. 1892 Steere, St. John’s Episcopal, Bellefonte

FRIEDRICH WILHELM MARPURG 1718–1795: Ein feste Burg
CHARLES ZEUNER 1795–1857: Fuga a 3 Voce
LOUIS MEYER 19th century: Open Diapason March
Rosalind Mohnsen, organist
ca. 1870s Bohler (attrib.), Old Belleman’s Church, Mohrsville

ZSOLT GARDONYI b. 1946: Mozart Changes
Sally Cherrington Beggs, organist
1892 Bohler, North Heidelberg U.C.C., Robesonia

PIETRO YON 1886–1943: Humoresque (from L’organo primitivo)
VINCENT D’INDY 1851–1931: Prelude in E-flat minor
Thomas Lee Bailey, organist
1893 Bohler, St. Paul’s U.C.C., New Schaefferstown

JOSEPH DAYNES 1902–1987: As the Dew from Heaven Distilling
ALEXANDRE GUILMANT 1837–1911: Sonata No. 5 in C Minor: Recitativo; Choral et Fugue
Karl Moyer, organist
1891 Barckhoff, St. Joseph R.C., Lancaster

EVERETT TITCOMB 1884–1968: Suite in E Major
HUGH McAMIS 1899–1942: Dreams
HARRY ROWE SHELLEY 1858–1947: Fanfare d’Orgue
Lorenz Maycher, organist
1928 Skinner, Salem Lutheran, Lebanon

ROBERT SCHUMANN 1810–1856: Canonic Study in A-flat Major
KOLA OWOLABI b. 1977: O Give Thanks to the Lord, for He Is Good (from Portraits from the Psalms)
Kola Owolabi, organist
1902 Hook & Hastings, Trinity United Methodist, Bellefonte

SETH BINGHAM 1882–1972: Hymn Prelude on Bethany, op. 38, no. 7
DAN MILLER b. 1954: Count Your Blessings
Michael T. Britt, organist
1892 Felgemaker, St. Paul’s-Emmanuel United Methodist, Danville

HYMN: All My Help on God Is Founded Michael
Bruce Cornely, organist
1882 Hook & Hastings, Mahoning Presbyterian, Danville

JEAN LANGLAIS 1907–1991: Pastoral-Prelude & Interlude from Three Characteristic Pieces
Vaughan Watson, organist
1900 Hook & Hastings, Conewago Chapel, Hanover

ABRAHAM RITTER 1792–1860: Voluntary on a Moravian Hymn
GORDON BALCH NEVIN 1892–1943: Will o’ the Wisp (Scherzo-Toccatina)
Agnes Armstrong, organist
1904 Hook-Hastings, Linden Hall School, Lititz

FRANK FERKO b. 1950: Chorale Variations on Leoni
Susan Hegberg, organist
1904 Möller, St. Peter’s Lutheran & U.C.C., Freeburg

ARTHUR FOOTE 1853–1937: Nocturne, op. 50, no. 6
PERCY FLETCHER 1879–1932: Festival Toccata
James D. Hildreth, organist
1909 Hook-Hastings, St. John the Baptist R.C., New Freedom

MAURICE DURUFLÉ 1902–1986: Prélude sur l’Introît de l’épiphanie
CRAIG PHILLIPS b. 1961: Fantasy:Tora Song Yisrael Víoraita
Eric Wm. Suter, organist
1902 Lane, St. Paul the Apostle R.C., Annville

SERGEI RACHMANINOV 1873–1943: Prelude in G Minor (trans. G. Federlein)
GLANDORF: Symphonic Improvisation on The Star Spangled Banner (in the style of Reger)
Matthew Glandorf, organist
1933 Aeolian-Skinner, Hershey Community Theatre, Hershey

JOHN IRELAND 1879–1962: Miniature Suite for Organ
HYMN: Who Is He in Yonder Stall? Who Is He
Scott F. Foppiano, organist
1926 Casavant, Covenant United Methodist, Lancaster

DAVID N. JOHNSON 1922–1987: Trumpet Tune in D Major
PADRE GIOVANNI BATTISTA MARTINI 1706–1784: Gavotta (arr. Guilmant)
Peter Stoltzfus, organist
1930 Skinner, Otterbein United Methodist, Lancaster

J. S. BACH 1685–1750: Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge (trans. Reger)
SIGFRIED KARG-ELERT 1877–1933: Valse Mignon
MAX REGER 1873–1916: Fantasie über den Choral Hallelujah! Gott zu loben, op. 52, no. 3
Ken Cowan, organist
1931 Steinmeyer, Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament R.C., Altoona

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