Joseph de Torres: El libro que contiene onze partidos


El libro que contiene onze partidos de M. Dn. Joseph de Torres is a manuscript of great interest for Latin-American and Iberian musicology. Not only does it enrich the repertoire of Spanish masters but, in addition, it bears witness to the existence of organistic activity in Mexico at the time of New Spain. It is not surprising that this document was found in Mexico, considering the large number of historic organs of Spanish Baroque aesthetic that existed in the center of the country- but, unfortunately, most of them have been abandoned.

Valentin Gascon Villa at the organ of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.

Track Listing:

Partido de 2° tono
Partido de 6° tono
Partido de primo alto
Obra de 7° tono
Partido de 1° tono bajo
Obra de mano derecho de medio registro
Obra de lleno de 7° tono

Total Playing Time: 54:55

2015 Solstice

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