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Kalevi Kiviniemi plays a colorful program befitting the tonal palette of this major instrument (4-110), recently enjoying restorative repairs by the Bradford Organ Co., reversing earlier changes. SIBELIUS: Finlandia BONNET: 2nd Legende op. 7/10, Caprice Heroique op. 7/12 DUPRÉ: Magnificat op. 18/10, Antiphon op. 18/3, Crucifixion op. 23/5 PIERNE: Prelude op. 29/1 WIDOR: Andante Sostenuto op. 70/2 SAINT-SAËNS: Prelude op. 99 AULIS SALLINEN: Chaconne KIVINIEMI: Improvisation KOKKONEN: Lux aeterna KANKANEN: The Moonlight
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CD MOT 12361
CD MOT 12361
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