Noack Organ Company rebuilt and expanded Whiteford-designed Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1370 to become Noack Opus 127 with 4 manuals and 65 stops, new slider chests and electric action, incorporating much of the Aeolian-Skinner pipework. The organ was also brought forward in its chamber with the addition of a new façade and now plays into an acoustically renovated space well served by the consultation of David Klepper and L. Gerald Marshall of KMK. Kevin Clarke is organist and choirmaster of the Church of the Incarnation, Dallas and leads an extensive program of choirs which have made several journeys to English cathedrals and Westminster Abbey. Dr. Clarke has also presented recitals in several international venues. This recording acknowledges the influence of Lemmens and Cavaille-Coll on the French Organ School and even includes a transcription of Louis Couperin by Bonnet calling attention to the leadership of the French school in reviving the music of French classicism. FRANCK: Piece Heroique WIDOR: Symphonie gothique, Op. 70 VIERNE: Carillon de Westminster TOURNEMIRE, tr. Durufle: Choral-improvisation sur le Victimae paschali MESSIAEN: Apparition de L’Eglise Eternelle L. COUPERIN, tr. Bonnet: Chaconne

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