50 Short Works for Church Services Fifty selections from L'Organiste Pratique as reprinted from the 1889 G. Schirmer Edition. Op. 39, Nos. 1-6 Elevation in F Offertory in A March in D Two Anthems (in Dm, G) Communion in E minor Offertory in C minor on Christmas Carols Op. 41, Nos. 1-6 Prelude in E-flat Magnificat in G Funeral March in C minor Cantabile in F Processional March in A Elevation in E minor Op. 46, Nos. 1-6 Communion in D Strophe for the Hymn "Iste Confessor" (in Em) [Op. 46, No. 3] Postlude in F [Op. 46, No. 2] Melody in G March in F Offertory i n E-flat Op. 47, Nos. 1-4 Canzona in F minor Grand Triumphal Chorus in A Offertory in C minor Prayer in B-flat Op. 49, Nos. 1-6 Absolution in E minor Offertory on "O filli" (in G/Gm) Allegretto in B Fuga "alla Handel" in F Choral in G Four Versets (in D, Cm, G modal, Em) Op. 50, Nos. 1-3 Invocation in E-flat The Manger: Pastoral and Adoration (in A minor/A major) Postlude in F on the Hymn "Induant Justitiam" Op. 52, Nos. 1, 2, 4 Grand Chorus in March Form, in Gregorian Tonality Madrigal in E-flat Andante con moto in F Op. 55, Nos. 1-5 Allegro non troppo in A minor Scherzo Symphonique in C Elegy in F minor Strophes for the Ascension Hymn (in Gregorian Tonality) "Ite Missa Est" in D minor Op. 56, No. 2 March in D Op. 57, Nos. 1, 4 Allegro moderato e pastorale in E Meditation in B minor Op. 59, Nos. 1, 3 Torchlight March in F Communion in G on "Ecce Panis Angelorum" Works with uncertain opus numbers Bridal Chorus in D-flat Interlude in E-flat "O Salutaris Hostia": Elevation in F Prayer in A-flat Offertory in D

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