The Murray/Lohuis Duo presents their fifth volume of works composed for violin and organ. This volume of melodious show-stoppers, some ravishing effects, and brilliant encore pieces, all composed by Americans, takes one’s breath away! The organs are both in Richmond, Virginia: the 1954 Austin, op. 2218, with tonal revisions by Guzowski & Steppe in 1991 at Reveille United Methodist Church, and the 1951/68 Aeolian-Skinner op. 1110 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. PETER D. MATHEWS: Intermezzo NEVETT BARTOW: Soliloquy JOHN CORIGLIANO: Lento, Sonata for Violin and Piano (with organ at the composer's suggestion) JOHN WEAVER: Dialogues for Flute or treble instrument & Organ GASTON DETHIER: Aria DEREK HEALEY: Four Presludes on Latino Religious Songs, op. 89 LEO SOWERBY: Elevation, H. 66 WILBUR HELD: Variations on Amazing Grace GARDNER READ: A Christmas Pastorale, op. 124 RICHARD WIENHORST: Pentecost for Violin & Organ CHARLES CALLAHAN: Valediction, a Biblical Poem LEWIS E. WHIKEHART: An Eclectic Suite for Violin & Organ

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