Jeremy Filsell plays the famous organ of the National Cathedral, Washington, DC, in compositions created during the Cathedral’s first century by American-based composers, many affiliated with the Cathedral which has championed American music since it opened in 1912. The organ was originally built in 1937 by E. M. Skinner & Son. Contents Raymond Weidner: Scherzo (Alleluia) Gerre Hancock: Variations on Palm Beach Nancy Faxon: Toccata Sowerby: Were you there? Sowerby: Toccata, Carillon Gerald Near: Sonata in 3 mvts George Baker: Berceuse- paraphrase Silent Night Pamela Decker: La Pantera David Briggs: 3 Preludes & Fugues “Homage à Dupré” Richard Dirksen: Urbs Beata Dan Gawthrop: Elegy, Caprice Coke-Jephcott: Fantasie on a National Air Richard Purvis: Novelette II & A Retrospection Douglas Major: Concertino in 3 mvts
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