Stephen J. Ketterer plays the von Beckerath organ at Edgewood in Washington, Connecticut. The instrument, which was constructed in Hamburg, contains 2,149 pipes. Includes works by Mendelssohn, Krebs, Bach, Friedell, Vierne, Franck, Arne, Dupre, and Strayhorn. Track Listing: Felix Mendelssohn Sonata No. 2 in C Minor Grave Adagio Allegro maestoso e vivace Johann Ludwig Krebs Fantasia sopra Warum sollt ich mich den gramen Ach Herr mich armen Sunder Johann Sebastian Bach Fantasia and Fugue in C minor (BWV 537) Harold W. Friedell From Symphony in E minor Cantabile Louis Vierne From 24 Pieces en Style Libre Preambule Choral Epitaphe Scherzetto Arabesque Cesar Franck Cantabile Thomas Arne Flute Tune Marcel Dupre From Vepres du Commun He Hath Put Down the Mighty form Their Seat Amen (Finale) Billy Strayhorn Lotus Total Playing Time: 73:59

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