LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! DUPRÉ: Sinfonia from Cantata Wir Danken Dir, Gott BWV 29 KARG-ELERT: Adagio (Air for the G-string; Pastorale Symphony fr. Christmas Oratorio REGER: Three Inventions on Trios No. 5, 6, 8, BWV 776,777, 779; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue in d BWV 905 ARNO LANDMANN: Chaconne from Violin Partita in d BWV 1004 LISZT: Einleitung & Fugue from Cantata Ich haute viel Bekümmernis BWV 21 This CD gathers famous Bach works in settings by later composers to record with period material the grand 1904 Wilhelm Sauer 3-49 at the Evangelical Church in Dormund-Dorstfeld, Germany. Tomasz Adam Nowak plays musically with energy and commitment. The organ is intact with its pipes and tubular pneumatic action having been cleaned only twice in 92 years. Seven of the flutes are harmonic.

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