Organist Daniel Roth performs Franck’s Trois Chorales and selected pieces from L'Organiste on the renowned Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Sulpice, Paris. The program booklet includes a beautifully presented specification of the Saint-Sulpice organ, with color-coded stops by builder. Track Listing: Premier Choral en mi majeur Deuxième Choral en si mineur Troisième Choral en la mineur L’Organiste - 7 Pièces en mi mineur et mi majeur 1. Andantino, quasi allegretto 2. Moderato 3. Prière. Quasi lento 4. Non troppo lento 5. Allegretto 6. Poco allegretto - Amen. Moderato 7. Offertoire ou Communion. Poco lento, poco animato Total Playing Time: 59:47 2013, IFO Classics
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