William Osborne, James B. Sinclair, Charles Krigbaum, and John Kirkpatrick have put together this Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Charles Ives. This edition has the approval of The Charles Ives Society, Inc., which is furthering and supporting the preparation of critical editions, both new and revised, of the music of Charles Ives. Levels of difficulty vary from Intermediate to Advanced, depending on the piece. Contents Critical Editions of Completed Works: "Adeste Fideles" in an Organ Prelude (S.131) Burlesque Postlude in C (S.133) Canzonetta in F (S. 134) Fugue in C Minor (S. 135) Fugue in Eb (S.136) Interludes for Hymns (S. 137) Variations on "America" (S. 140) a. Original Manuscript Version b. E. Power Biggs Version Diplomatic Facsimiles of Incomplete Fragments Adagio in F (S.130) Burlesque Exercies in C Minor (S. 425) Burlesque Harmonizations of "London Bridge" (S. 428) Burlesque Postlude in Bb (S. 132) Burlesque Whole-tone Exercise (S. 431) Melody in Eb (S.138) Piece for Communion Service (S. x691) Postlude for Thanksgiving Service (S.139) Voluntary in C Minor (S. 141) Voluntary in F (S. 142) Critical Concordance

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