Ranging from easy to moderately difficult, this collection contains arrangements of popular chorales and sacred songs. Pieces include: Advent Robert Fuhrer: Two preludes for the Advent Season from op. 207 Forchhammer: Lift up your heads op. 23,4 Mendelssohn: Macht Hoch die Tur, Allegro Weidenhagen: Mach hoch die Tur op. 40, 1, Lively and spring Herzog: Advent Sonata op. 62, 1, with the chorale "Savior of nations come" Mendelssohn: Nun Komm, her Heiden Heiland; Slow Glubins: Nun Komm, her Heiden Heiland from Christmas op. 55 Festival fantasia op. 104, 4 about "Zion's daughter laugh and sing" Christmas Monar: The holy Christmas feast, op. 37, 1 Monar: Fantasia op. 45, 13 about "A great and mighty wonder" Blumenthal: Christmas piece op. 124, 2 Glubins: Biblical scenes op. 73, 1 Stehle: O come, all ye faithful: Moderato Muller: The shepherds by the manger: Pastoral Birn: Christmas fantasia op. 12 about "Come all you shepherds" Todt: Pastoral F major op. 63, 8 Piutti: Improvisation op. 15 about "Let's all together praise our God" Bossi: Pastoral F major op. 118, 3 Blumenthal: Christmas piece op. 124, 3 about the tune "What a blessed time" Rudnick: Festive atmosphere of Christmas" with the chorale "A great and mighty wonder" Blumenthal: Christmas piece op. 124, 1 about the tune "Silent Night"

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