Cochereau was the great organist of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris 1955-1984. The recordings on this 3-CD set are taken mostly from live concerts and masses, mostly at Notre Dame, with overall good but variable sound quality (and tuning condition of the organ). Includes a 72-page illustrated booklet with English text. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in C BACH: Choral De profundis FRANCK: Fantaisie in A DUPRÉ: Suite Evocation DE LISLE: La Marseillaise COCHEREAU: Improvisation on La Marseillaise COCHEREAU: Improvisations in concerts 1968-1975: Two Scherzos Symphonique Chorals sur des thèmes de Pâques Introduction, Choral et Variations on an original theme at Chartres COCHEREAU: 21 Improvisations during Mass, 1968-84
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