Pamela Decker plays her own compositions on the 1965 D.A. Flentrop organ (renovated Fritts 1992 & 1995) at St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, Washington. This instrument was visited by the Organ Historical Society during the 2008 convention. Tango Toccata on a Theme by Melchior Vulpius Fantasy on "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" Herzlich tut mich verlangen RetablosPange lingua, Ubi caritas, Victimae paschali Home Suite Home: Across America with the Pipe Organ  New York: The Principal City Flutes for San Francisco Cajun Strings Chicago Reed Blues Tango for Tucson: It Takes Tutti to Tango Interested in playing Pamela Decker's works? Click on the blue text to find the sheet music for: •Home Suite Home: Across America with the Pipe Organ •Retablos •More of Pamela Decker's works under "D" in the Sheet Music Section!

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