The organ in the Paterskirche in Kempen, Germany was originally built by Ludwig König in 1752, and was extensively modified in the years 1845-1848. When the metal case pipes were requisitioned during World War I, the organ fell into such disrepair that it was completely replaced in 1925. From 1996-2000, Verschueren-Orgelbouw reconstituted the 1752 instrument using photos and archival records. Total playing time: 79:19 Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasie und Fuge c-Moll, BWV 537 Partite diverse sopra «O Gott, du frommer Gott» BWV 767 Georg Muffat: aus dem «Apparatus musico-organisticus» Toccata undecima Passacaglia Michel Corrette «Suite du Ve Ton» (aus Deuxième Livre de pieces d'orgue) Pleinjeu Duo Basse de Trompette Musette Tambourin Grand-jeu Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Sonate a-Moll, Wq 70/4 Allegro assai Largo Allegro Fantasie und Fuge c-Moll, Wq 119/7
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