Domenico Severin plays two historic Cavaillé-Coll organs. The program begins at the Grande Organ of St. Peter where Severin plays works by Dubois and Saint-Saëns. On the second CD the recital moves to the Conflans Chapel. It was transferred by Cavaillé-Coll's successor, Charles Mutin. In the second leg, Severin plays Capocci and Guilmant. The richness of this organ repertoire would not have been possible without the renewal of organ building, underlined by such a person as Cavaillé-Coll. Dubois Prelude Offertoire In Paradisum Prelude & Fugue Fiat Lux Saint-Saëns Fantaisie op. 101 Allegro giocoso 3 Preludes & Fugues Capocci Solo di Flauto Solo di Oboe Marcia Melodia Capriccio Fantasia Guilmant Andante con moto Scherzo Elegie-Fugue Larghetto Ecce panis angelorum Marche aux flambeaux

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