Another 30 organs on one CD, with wide variety of instruments, players, and repertoire.LANG: Tuba Tune DEMESSIEUX: Veni Creator RHEINBERGER: Scherzoso BRAHMS: Schmücke dich; Prelude LABOR: Tui Sunt ROGG: Le Canon improbable BOYCE: Gavotte BACH: In Dulci Jubilo WECKMANN: Canon in C W. HARRIS: Caprice SCHEIDT: Modus ludendi VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: St. David’s Day CLERAMBAULT: Trio Suite 1, Trio Suite 2 GIGOUT: Toccata DUPRÉ: Deuxieme Elevation HURFORD: On a Rouen Church Melody BACH: Our Father which art in heaven HANDEL: Aria / Bouree BACH/RACHMANINOV: Gigue CLOKEY: Wind in the Chimney PURCELL: Trumpet Sonata BOELLMANN: Introduction Suite Gothique MUSSORGSKY: Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks MULET: Toccata IRELAND: Holy Boy MERKEL: Trio No. 4 WHITLOCK: St. Denio BUXTEHUDE: Nun bitten wir CHAOUVET: Grand Choeur in C

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