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Serge Schoonbroodt plays the complete organ works of Gilles Jullien (1653-1703) on two 4-manual organs of the French classical period, yet contrasting significantly: at the Cathedral in Montauban, the 1687 Hew (Hoan)/1787 Jean-Pierre Cavaillé reconstructed 1996- 2000 by Pascal Quoirin; at the Abbey in Mouzon, the 1725 Moucherel reconstructed by Barthélémy Formentelli in 1991. Added to the recording is the eight-minute Motet of Saint Cecilia as sung by a quartet and accompanied by a superb string trio and chamber organ played by Bob van Asperen. GILLES JULLIEN: Premier Livre d’Orgue: 8 Suites (du 1er-8e tons); Motet de Sainte-Cæcile Two CD Set
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