Presentation One remark to evoke the way we will have been able to hear, throughout this programme, the great organ of Notre-Dame de Paris sound. At the time, it was known for an amazing, fecund, symbiotic existence with its organist, Pierre Cochereau, openly in love with his alter ego, well known for being able to make it speak like no one else. Yet it is unquestionably a ‘Guillou’ organ that proudly speaks in many aspects over the course of nearly 80 minutes, changed into a kaleidoscope of sound, unusual in many regards. Should we be surprised? Surely not, if we dare compare this being of 8,000 voices with the greatest symphony orchestras capable of transforming themselves instantly and against their traditions, to the sole ends of bending to the often contradictory aesthetic desires of the greatest conductors. It is even thereby that we recognise them: unlimited resources, a strong identity, yet capable of adaptation or metamorphosis but without denial. -Vincent Crosnier  

Track list  

  • 1. Jean Guillou   La Chapelle des Abîmes
  • 2. Jean Guillou   Saga 1
  • 3. Jean Guillou  Pour le Tombeau de Colbert
  • 4. Jean Guillou   Allen
  • 5. Jean Guillou   Improvisation

Notre Dame de Paris, 1 hour 20 min 46 sec

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