Hassler: Variations on La Monica; Three Italian Madrigals; Two German Songs. Scheidt: Fantasia super lo son ferito; Cantio gallica Est-cd Mars? Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612) of Nuremberg is known there as "the greatest German musician of his time," he having studied music in Italy. His monumbental 31 variations on this very popular tune plays for 39 minutes, thus there is no time on the CD for his other 110 works for organ! But, the CD treats us to five of his charming vocal works sung by five excellent musicians as well as the Scheidt organ works. Georges Guillard plays the historic 1745 Adrien Carpentier organ at the L'eglise d'Auxi-le-Chateau, where the local land baron opposed the purchase of an organ, writing that its twelve proponents were, a "butcher not knowing how to write," a "bird-brained carpenter," etc.

Playing time: 69.51

1995, Solstice Recordings, Paris

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