Gerard Bunk Organ Works, Vol. 1 Gerard Bunk (1888-1958) was born in Rotterdam and studied piano there and in Hamburg. In 1907, became a teacher of piano and theory at the Bielefeld Conservatory. In 1910, he played the Walcker organ with its 107 voices in the St. Reinoldikirche in Dortmund for the first time and met Max Reger with whom he shared a long friendship. From 1925 until his death, he worked as a cantor organist in this church. Bunk composed a great number of organ works and many of them are evocative pieces. Hans-Uwe Hielscher plays the 1863 Walcker / 1938 Sauer / 1982 Oberlinger of 112 ranks in the Market Church, Wiesbaden, Germany. Introduction, Variations and Fugue in d on an old Dutch Folksong, op. 31 8 Character Pieces Passacaglia in a, op. 40
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