Impressive collection of French Baroque music performed by Albert Bolliger. Accompanying booklet gives an in-depth description of the organ at Saint-Guilhem-Le-Désert. A history of the organ's home dates back to the ninth century, and illustrates rebuilds of the abbey itself. The CD insert offers a detailed explanation of the program's works and brief biographies on the composers featured. Also included are the stoplists of the organ and the registrations used for performance. Jacques Boyvin Suite du huitième ton Henri Dumont Allemande grave Monnard Courante I-Courante II-Sarabande François Roberday 2 Fugue et Caprice Jean-Henry d'Anglebert Menuet: Dans nos bois Menuet de Poitou Nicolas-Antoine Lebègue Offertoire en C Jean-François Dandrieu Fugue I-Fugue II-Trio Noël: Bergers allons voir dans ce Lieu Claude-Bénigne Balbasstre Duo-Trio-Musette et Pastorale Michel Corrette Suite en Si bémol majeur

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