New! Graham Ashton and Michael Matthes play Trumpet and Organ on this new release. Ashton is Professor of Trumpet and Chair of Brass at Purchase College, State University of New York and has appeared with the London Philharmonic, BBC Symphony, and many other orchestras. Matthes studied with Marie-Claire Alain and Pierre Cochereau and is currently an international concert organist, and is also the organist at the Cathedral of Troyes, France. CD Contents Falla con misuras Guglielmo Ebreo de Pesaro Toccata in E minor Johann Pachelbel Sonata in F Op. 1, No. 12 George Frideric Handel Toccata in G minor Johann Pachelbel Parts upon a Ground Henry Purcell Toccata and Fugue in D minor Johann Sebastian Bach Fantasia Upon a Ground after Purcell Graham Ashton Carillon de Westminster Louis Vierne Sonata for Trumpet and Organ Roger Steptoe

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