This is a new edition of Frederic Stiven’s early study, In the Organ Lofts of Paris. Frederic Stiven graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory in 1907 and subsequently served on the faculty. For two years, from 1909 to 1911, he studied with Alexandre Guilmant in Paris—indeed, Stiven was his last pupil—and each Sunday he visited important churches in the French capital. In 1923, he published In the Organ Lofts of Paris. As a witness to the Golden Age of French organists, Stiven writes charming pen-portraits of his visits with Widor, Vierne, Gigout, and Bonnet. Encounters with other organists are described, as well as singing in the choir of the Paris Bach Society and in a chorus directed by Charles Tournemire. Stiven’s original text is illuminated with 68 illustrations and copious annotations by Rollin Smith. Appendixes include two articles written by Stiven for The Etude magazine: “Systematized Instruction in Organ Playing” and “The Last Days of Guilmant”. Stoplists and illustrations of all organs mentioned in the text are included. 175 pgs; 2024, OHS Press.

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