This special release includes two discs for the price of one: one conventional CD and the same program on a second disc produced in DVD-Audio. Roland Muhr plays the restored organ at the former Cistercian monastery church in Fürstenfeld near Munich. Finished in 1736, the organ of 27 stops comprising 43 ranks on two manuals and 18-note pedal was restored by the Sandtner firm and fills the huge and resonant Bavarian abbey church with its original sounds as so amply demonstrated with this happy program of marches, many transcribed by Muhr. FUMAGALLI/VERDI: Aida Marsch GRIEG: Huldigungsmarsch, op. 56/3 NOWOWIEJSKI: Einzug in den Dom (Festmarsch) op. 8/3 PURCELL/MUHR: March Suite (5 marches) SMART: March in G BOELLMANN: Verset de Procession sur Adoro te op. 16/8 GUILMANT: March in F, op. 46/5 LASCEUX: Marche en F BALBASTRE: Marche des Mareillois et l’Air Ça-ira HANDEL: Marche from Judas Maccabeus, Trauermarsch from Saul, Cäcilien-Marsch MENDELSSOHN: Andante alla Marcis in B ANON.: March in D (19th C.) HARTMANN: Trauermarsch GHERARDESCHI: Sonata a guisa di banda militare che suona una marcia

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