The exquisite organ we hear on this CD, so magnificently demonstrated by this music, emerged in 1992 after tonal rescaling, revoicing, enlargement, and stop rearrangement among divisions by Aeolian-Skinner's former head voicer John Hendriksen (who had worked on the original installation at St. Philip's), correcting the tonal deficiencies of the original organ which had been finished in 1962. Daniel Sullivan's realization of The Goldberg Variations presents an ideal demonstration of the wonderful tonal palette and glorious ensemble sounds of the St. Philips organ as it exists today. The Goldberg Variations were published in 1742, composed by Bach specifically for the two-manual harpsichord. They are frequently adapted to other instruments and ensembles including wind quintets, string trios, solo piano, etc. Sullivan's adaptation and orchestration for the organ bring another most successful way to enjoy these splendid pieces.

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