Fifty-two Years of Organs in Los Angeles 1880-1932 From the first organ in Los Angeles, built by Joseph Mayer for St. Vibiana’s Roman Catholic Cathedral to the E. M. Skinner organ in First Congregational Church, this book chronicles organs by Bergstrom, E. & G. G. Hook, Jardine, Farrand & Votey, Hutchings, Kilgen, Austin, Estey, Möller, Casavant, Wangerin, Kimball, Skinner, Murray Harris, Welte, Aeolian, Morton, Wurlitzer, and Kimball in churches, schools, lodges, department stores, apartment houses, outdoor theatres, cemeteries, and cinemas. There is even a stoplist of a proposed Welte for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. With more than 35 photographs of the period, the book is an enjoyable travelogue guiding the reader through one of America’s most fascinating cities. 140 pages, softbound

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