LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! Kerll, among the most admired musicians and composers during his lifetime in the waning 17th century, became the model for South German/Bohemian keyboard works, and was carefully studied by Bach. Kerll had been a student of Giovanni Valentini, Kapellmeister in the Viennese court of both Emperors Ferdinand, II and III. Dutch organist Léon Berben plays the 1714 Balthasar König organ in Niederehe. JOHANN CASPAR KERLL (1627-1693): Toccata con il pedali in F Aria con variazioni in d Ricercata in cylindrum phonotacticum Versus secundi toni Scaramuza Giaccona in C Battaglia Canzonas in F, d, C, a, and C Der teutsche Trommblschlag Passacaglia in d GIOVANNI VALENTINI (1582-1649): Canzona Le bon. â 5 V in D Canzonas a 6 in g (2) and d (2) and a 5 in g

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