Urtext Edition. Keyboard and Organ Works from copied sources. Partitas and Partita Movements, Part 1a. Includes biographical notes, notes on the editorial method and performance practice, ornamentation, and critical commentary. Partita in a FbWV 601aAlle[mand]GiqveCourantSarab[and] Partita in d FbWV 602aAllemandeCorrenteSarabandaGigue Partita in d FbWV 602b & 602cAllem[and]GiqueCourantSarabande Partita in G FbWV 603aAllemandCourantSarabandGique Partita in F FbWV 604aAllemandCourantSarabandChique Partita in C FbWV 605a AllamandCourantSarabandLe DoubleChigve Partita in G FbWV 606a Mayrin2da VariatioTertia Variatio4ta Var:5 Var:6 Var:Courant sopra la MayrinSaraband 1Saraband 2 Gigue in e FbWV 607b Gigue in e FbWV 607c Partita in D FbWV 611bAllem[and]GiqveCourantSarab[and} Gigue in D FbWV 611c Partita in C FbWV 612aLamentationGiqueCourrent(Sarabande) Partita in d FbWV 613AllemandeCouranteSarabandeGigue Partita in d FbWV 613aAllem[and]CourantSarab[and]Chique Giqve in d FbWV 613b/1 Gique in d FbWV 613b/2 Gique in d FbWV 613b/3 Partita in g FbWV 614LamentationCourrantSarabandeGiqve

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