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Kevin Komisaruk plays works of John Bull on the 1984 Wolff et Associés organ (opus 27) at l'église anglicane Saint-Jean-l'Évangéliste in Montréal (visited in 1999 during the National Convention of the Organ Historical Society). The instrument was inspired by English organs of the 18th and 19th centuries, and is tuned to 1/8 comma unequal temperament, according to Pierre-Yves Asselin. Preserved are four stops from the 1892 S. R. Warren & Son organ, and one stop from the Casavant Frères rebuild of that instrument, which preceded the current Wolff organ. In Nomine (I) Chromatica Fantasia Fantasia «La Guamina» In Nomine (III) Prelude and Fantasia «Sol ut, mi fa sol la» Salvator mundi Fantasia «A Leona» In Nomine (XII) Fantasia (I) «Vestiva i colli» In Nomine (IX) Prelude and Carol «Laet ons met herten reijne» Carol (I) «Een Kindeken is ons geboren» Carol «Den lustelijcken Meij» Christe Redemptor omnium In Nomine (II) Salve Regina (I)

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John Bull: Kevin Komisaruk: Organ

This is a most impressive compilation and introduction to the varied works of the Tudor composer, John Bull. Dr. Komisaruk, currently teaching at the University of Toronto, plays the different genres of Bull's works: Plainsong variations, Preludes and Fantasias, and Carols with great facility and most delightful and descriptive registrations. There is a great depth and emotion to this music, which will be fully realized by repeated listening. The organ, Opus 27 (1984) of the French Canadian builder Wolff et Associes Ltee, is the correct instrument for this performance. In the hands of Kevin Komisaruk, it both roars and pacifies with its charming clarity and delightful variance of stops. The booklet notes by Rachelle Taylor are scholarly and very helpful. This CD is highly recommended.
Posted by Eric Hanbury, 20th Sep 2017