Just Play! An invitation to improvisation


by Peter Ewers

“The title of this book could as well have been Have Fun! It’s a book that lets you do the dirty work in a pleasant way – an absolute mind liberator!” Hampus Lidwall, Titular organist of Saint-Esprit – Paris

What is this book about?

On free improvisation and the specific characteristics on the organ.

On the parameters: rhythm, dynamics, harmony, tone colour and melodies as a fresh impulse for your improvisation.

On your own fluent improvisation and the effective use of a plot.

On the techniques of improvisation by Tournemire, Dupré, Fleury, and the art of illusion by Pierre Cochereau.

On music as language, useful findings of brain research and a modern notion of texture for your musicality.

Hardbound, 327 pages

2013 vpe, Paderborn

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