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An Important Study of Buxtehude Revised and Newly Available! Dieterich Buxtehude: Organist in Lübeck by Kerala Snyder Originally published in 1987 and long out of print, this book is considered to be the standard work on Buxtehude. This revised edition has just been released and contains new information on the organs that Buxtehude played in Scandinavia and Lübeck, excerpts from the St. Mary’s, Lübeck account books, a discussion of newly discovered sources, including one by J. S. Bach who walked a great distance to Lübeck to spend several months studying with Buxtehude, an evaluation of recent scholarship on Buxtehude, an extensive bibliography and a CD of selected vocal, chamber and organ works. The book is written for both the casual reader and the serious scholar. The accompanying compact disc includes organ music played on a North German meantone organ in Gothenburg, Sweden by Hans Davidsson of Eastman School of Music and the Göteborg Organ Art Center. 520 pages Hardcover, clothbound with CD included.
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