Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe play works composed for organ duet as well as some pieces that they have arranged on the 2003 Dan Garland 4-74 incorporating the Aeolian-Skinner at First United Methodist Church, Wichita Falls, Texas. The Watanabes, natives of Japan, studied at Baylor University (Kiyo), Juilliard (Chiemi), Manhattan School of Music (graduate degrees for both) and live in Wichita Falls. Each plays for a different Methodist church and they pursue recital careers independently and as a duo. ROY PERRY: Christos Patterakis JONGEN: Toccata (Symphonie Concertante) MERKEL: Sonata in d for 4 hands LISZT: Les Préludes DINDA: Max Cat Rag; Charlie Dog Blues KIYO WATANABE: 2 Hymn Preludes in Jazz Style Aurelia & Morning Song SOUSA: Stars and Stripes Forever

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