In Bales Recital Hall at the University of Kansas, David Pickering plays works of Daniel E. Gawthrop on the 1996 organ built by Hellmuth Wolff et Associés of Laval, Quebec with 3 manuals, 45 stops and 65 ranks. Two of the works on this recording are closely associated with the performer. The toccata Like a Fire was written for Pickering’s use at a hymn festival and O Jerusalem: A Symphony for Organ was premiered by Pickering at a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Casavant organ at Graceland University. Gawthrop himself was the recording engineer for this disc and worked closely on matters of registration and interpretation with David Pickering. Please visit the sheet music section of our catalog for scores of works by Daniel E. Gawthrop. GAWTHROP: Like a Fire Sketchbook Two Four Trio Preludes Sketchbook Four Four Noble Gases O Jerusalem: A Symphony for Organ

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