This release is an eclectic mix of exciting and distinctive new Christmas music for upper voices by three prominent and admired composers of choral music. The largest work is the first recording of David Bednall’s major cycle of eight carols: Make we Merry for upper voices, brass, percussion, and organ, which was commissioned for Benenden Chapel Choir, and first performed by them in 2018. Also featured is the first recording of Bob Chilcott’s cycle The Midnight of your birth, and the first commercial recording of the complete upper-voice version of Snow Angel by Canadian composer, Sarah Quartel. The highly polished performances of Benenden Chapel Choir will both entertain and inspire upper voice ensembles to perform these works for years to come. Tracklist: 01. Make We Merry: I. Make We Merry 02. Make We Merry: II. The Time Draws Near 03. Make We Merry: III. The Christ-Child Lay on Mary’s Lap 04. Make We Merry: IV. All This Night Shrill Chanticleer 05. Make We Merry: V. Moonless Darkness Stands Between 06. Make We Merry: VI. Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sang 07. Make We Merry: VII. Let Others Look for Pearl and Gold 08. Make We Merry: VIII. Make We Joy Now 09. The Midnight of Your Birth: I. The Angel Did Fly 10. The Midnight of Your Birth: II. The Blackbird with One White Feather 11. The Midnight of Your Birth: III. Kindness (A Raven Flew to Bethlehem) 12. The Midnight of Your Birth: IV. The Midnight of Your Birth 13. The Midnight of Your Birth: V. The Rain-Tree Carol 14. Snow Angel: I. Prologue 15. Snow Angel: II. Creatures of Light 16. Snow Angel: III. God Will Give Orders 17. Snow Angel: IV. Sweet Child 18. Snow Angel: V. Snow Angel

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