Mostly 2-movement works explore duality in organ composition on the 94-rank Goulding & Wood organ recently completed at Christ Church Cathedral in New Orleans. “Talk about programming! Ms. Keiser has created a disc based upon spiritually related, yet stylistically contrasted dualities which originally germinated with the recital program chosen for the dedication of the Christ Church Cathedral organ in Indianapolis. Her rendition of Mulet’s Carillon Sortie is not just a curtain raiser but a heaven raiser. The tempo, which makes or breaks a performance of this piece, is just right ... buy this CD now and possess it!” - G. Donald Kaye (The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musician) “The inclusion of many of today’s composers is one of this collection’s delights. Hearing and performing works of musicians one can really meet and converse with is a great joy, and gives hope to those who fear for the future of serious music.” - Patricia Nakamura (The Living Church) LOCKLAIR: A Spiritual Pair DUPRÉ: 2 Sketches, Op. 41 MULET: Carillon-Sortie SOWERBY: Carillon POWELL: That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright WYTON: This joyful Eastertide HOWELLS: Psalm-Prelude Op. 32, No. 1 COOK: Fanfare CRAIG PHILLIPS: If You Will Only Let God Guide You MARK JONES: Olivet VIERNE: Prelude & Fugue from Sym 1 in D

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