Compiled by Michael Shea, this collection of organ expressions for Palm Sunday through Eastertide is useful for any church musician during that busy season. Intermediate level of difficulty. Contents (Title - HYMNTUNE - Composer) Palm Sunday Hosanna, Loud Hosanna - ELLACOMBE - Edward Broughton All Glory, Laud and Honor - ST. THEODULPH - David Paxton Ride On, O King, Ride On - Gilbert M. Martin Holy Week There is a Green Hill Far Away - Gounod/Smith O Sacred Head, Now Wounded - PASSION CHORALE - Brian Glyncannon O Come and Mourn - ST. CROSS - John Duro What Wondrous Love is This - WONDROUS LOVE - Sarah Douglas Come to Calvary's Holy Mountain - NAAR MIT ÖIE - Lani Smith Olivet - James Southbridge Easter O Sons and Daughters - O FILII ET FILIAE - Lani Smith Easter Prelude on Victory - VICTORY - Dennis Eliot On Easter Morning Early - Sarah Douglas Christ, the Lord, is Risen Today - EASTER HYMN - Robert W. Thygerson Eastertide A Crown for Me - MAITLAND - James Southbridge My Redeemer - MY REDEEMER - Franklin Ritter

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