ORGAN PLUS AND HOW! Joining the resources of Presidio Brass with Frank Glasson, Trumpet, Beverley Reese Dorcy, Percussion, and Consort Founder Alison Luedecke, Organ, The Millennia Consort is a unique gathering of talents. Sonorities of organ and brass combine with an array of percussion to survey a wide range of musical styles and periods, presenting literature from Hildegard to Mussorgsky to Craig Phillips to Vaughan Williams, John Kuzma, and John Hirten. The organ heard here is the 4-manual, 60-rank Austin in St. James-by the-Sea Episcopal Church, La Jolla, California. It was dedicated by Larry King, then of Trinity Church Wall Street, in 1976. MUSSORGSKY, arr. Sutherland: Pictures at an Exhibition KUZMA: Amazing Grace PHILLIPS: Suite HILDEGARD von BINGEN, arr. Snedecor: Karitas Habundant HIRTEN: Cethair & Variations on Auld Lang Syne Vaughan Williams, arr. Naples: The Call

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