Klemens Schnorr plays works of Mozart, both keyboard pieces and transcriptions of selections from The Magic Flute and the famous Ave verum as transcribed by Liszt. The 1792 Stumm organ at Amorbach’s Abbey Church was most likely not visited by Mozart, though he did play organs built by Stumm in two other locations. The Amorbach organ was restored to classical sonority in 1982 with work by the Klais and Steinmeyer firms. A bonus DVD at no extra charge containing the same musical program is included in this production. Adagio, Allegro, Adagio in f, KV 594; Andante in F, KV 616; Fantasie in f, KV 608; Ouvertüre in C, KV 399; From Die Zauberflöte: March der Priester, Chor der Priester, Glockenspiel, Gesang der Geharnischten; Fugue in g, KV 401; Trio in G, KV 443; Church Sonata in C, KV 336; Kyrie from Requiem, KV 326, Arr. Clementi; Ave verum, KV 618, Arr. Liszt

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