Marijim Thoene plays the 3m organ of 38 ranks built in 2000 by the Dobson Pipe Organ Builders of Lake City, Iowa, in the grand acoustics of St. Joseph Abbey, St. Benedict, Louisiana. Works by Hovhaness, Atkinson, and Vosk were commissioned by Marijim Thoene. The unusual Vosk work is composed in six descriptive movements for the rare combination of organ and native American flute which is played by Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl. BACH: Prelude in a, BWV 543 MESSIAEN: Dieu Parmi Nous LANGLAIS: Ave Maria, Ave Maris Stella TOURNEMIRE: Improvisation on the Te Deum HOVHANESS: Habakkuk, op. 434 GORDON ATKINSON: Adoro te JAY VOSK: Songs of Creation for native American flute & organ

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