New piece from Pamela Decker, professor of organ and music theory at University of Arizona in Tucson. Here is the description from the introduction to the music: The piece is a set of continuous variations on the chorale that is known to us as "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." An introductory statement based on the initial phrase of the tune prepares the way for a multi-voiced fugue based on the contour of a longer segment of the chorale's melodic material. The fugue builds to a cadenza that develops into a transition, which leads to a trio-textured presentation of the tune in a style reminiscent of Distler (another homage in connection with the work). A subito piano transition ushers in a lyrical treatment of the tune, spotlighting string and celeste sounds. The final toccata section is introduced by appearances of the fugal motives from the opening, proceeding to a pedal solo and then a fanfare-toccata driven by syncopated chords above the tune, which appears in the pedal part. In all, there are five variations.

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