A layered and affectionate portrait. . . Figure 4.4, modestly described as "summariz(ing) the essential features of Cochereau's style, is in fact a tiny masterpiece. . .  Hammond's manner of discussing improvisation is readable and practical. . . His writing is sharp and deeply knowledgeable, [with] inspiring originality and enormous energy. Anthony Hammond makes me think of a young Charles Rosen, enthusiastic and sincere, . . . an advocate for performance as an intellectual act. MUSIC LIBRARY ASSOCIATION NOTES [Christina Linklater] A compelling read for all organists and, especially today, for the new breed of improvisers. . . In the discussions of Cochereau the improviser the story really comes to life. . .  A fine tribute to one of the 20th century's true musical geniuses--and a great read. THE AMERICAN ORGANIST [Rollin Smith] Fascinating and welcome. . .  Daring, brave, and brilliant. . . Defines and reintroduces us to a spectacular church musician, organist, educator, and "Premier Prix" in all his accomplishments. . .  Be sure to read this charming and intelligent book. PASTORAL MUSIC [William Tortolano] Fascinating. . . . A most respectful account of his compositions, at a length and thoroughness to satisfy anyone as keen on the French conception of organ-music and organ-playing as he clearly is. MUSICAL TIMES [Peter Williams] Hammond here offers a thorough account of the work of this passionate, attractive, and generous artist, . . . showi[ng] how Pierre Cochereau's legacy would inspire generations to come. . .  In this most welcome first biography of Pierre Cochereau, Anthony Hammond gives us just what one would hope for: a detailed account of Cochereau's life, a thorough look at the influences that shaped his work, a valuable assessment of his craft as an interpreter, and new understanding of his art as an improviser. --Lawrence Archbold, Carleton College "A model of scholarly research, Pierre Cochereau's legendary career is extensively recounted and the influence forming his mature style as an improviser and composer expertly documented. The post-1955 history of the Notre-Dame organ is by far the most accurate account in print today."--Jesse Eschbach, University of North Texas

University of Rochester Press, 2012; 346 pgs.

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