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Randolph Currie, A Young Person's Guide to the Pipe Organ


(A Royal Tour) for lower and upper elementary school students. Writes the composer, "The 'Pipe Poems' can be recited by the organist or by a separate narrator or narrators (children or adults). The poems should be read with much expression and imagination. (For example, the end of the "Strings" poem can gradually soften to a whisper. the letter "r" in the last wrod of the poem about reeds can be rolled.) If the organ pipes are visible, they should be pointed out at the appropriate places. If the pipes cannot be seen, pictures, drawings, or sample pipes are helpful.

Small groups can be invited to gather around the console to watch as the pieces are played. Allow time for questions when the demonstration is over. If the children are shy, ask some questions of your own. (What sounds did you like the best? Loud/soft; high/low, etc.)"

The work is largely set as variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," with a theme that can be sung by the audience, and a brief, narrated introduction to each variation: Fanfare, Solemn Strings, Rowdy Reeds, Frisky Flutes, Pedal Power, Maninly Manuals, and Toccata.


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