Edited by Rollin Smith, this new edition published by Wayne Leupold features principles applicable not only to the works of Dupré, but to other late Romantic French organ masters. All the scores include complete fingering and pedaling indications. An extended Preface covers the life of Dupré, the Cavaillé-Coll organ, the instruments that influenced Dupré, notes on interpretation, and an annotated list of all of Dupré's organ works. Includes many illustrations. Fall 2020. Souvenir, Op. 65 Élévation, Op. 2 (2 staves) Élévation, Op. 2 (3 staves) Antiphon III, Op 18, No. 3; I Am Black, but Comely, O Ye Daughters of Jerusalem Antiphon V, Op. 18, No 5; How Fair and Pleasant Art Thou Improvisation V; You Will Sing the Glory of the Angels Improvisation VII; you Will Fill the Sanctuary With Holy Song Improvisation IX; You Will Bring Our Humble Prayers to the Seat of the Mother of God Il Est Né, le Divin Enfant Ave Maris Stella, Op 18; Très Modéré, Lento, Adagio, Amen (Final)

42 pages, softbound

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