Owned by a Carinthian aristocrat, this volume originated in Tirol, Austria. It was found in an antiquarian shop in 1995 and was finally transcribed and published by Musikverlag Doblinger in 2013.  The volume contains mainly anonymous versets, along with dance movements, fugues, and capriccios most likely written for liturgical and pedagogical use. In some instances a composer was noted. Live recording made on October 23, 2015 by Karen Beaumont on the 2001 Schlicker Organ at All Saints' Cathedral in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Track Listing: Eighteen verses Fuga by Elias de Silva Two Minuets Guigetta Ariosa by Elias de Silva Aria and Variatio Gavotta and Two Minuets by Georg Muffat Capricio by Elias de Silva Praeludium and Three verses Praeludium, Preambulum, Verse and Aria Reformata by Elias de Silva Capricio by Batholomaus Weishoma Aria Francese Praeludium septimi toni Praeludium and Nine Verses by johann Jacob Walther Gavotta Menuet by Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer Praeludium octavi toni and Three Versus Versus Fantasia by Elias de Silva Menuet by Georg Muffat Variatio by Elias de Silva Aria Anglica Praeludium Ex B by Elias de Silva Versus-Praeludium-Versus-Pro Tremulo ex B Ex. B. Aria cum 3is maiorde by Elias Silva Prima variation lib. Auctor Aria pro Elevatione by Elias Silva Presto Courante Menuet octavi toni figurato  

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