“Sonntagsorgel” is a collection of pieces for the amateur organist comprising three volumes. The edition is ideal for use in church services or for teaching purposes. The first volume includes festive preludes, toccatas and fugues, trios and pastorals by German and French composers from the 17th through to the 20th century. Contents: Festive: Alla Marcia C-Dur Thomas Adams Präludium C-Dur Anton Bruckner Präludium C-Dur Theodor P. Grünberger Plein jeu C-Dur Nicolas-Antoine Lebègue Praeludium et Fuga C-Dur Gottlieb Nitauff Präludium c-Moll Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck Präludium c-Moll Anonymus Präludium D-Dur Justin Heinrich Knecht Präludium D-Dur Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer Fanfare D-Dur John Marsh Plein jeu d-Moll Nicolas de Grigny Plein jeu d-Moll Jean Adam Guilain Toccata e-Moll Anonymus Composer / Author: Dubois, Théodore Marcietta F-Dur Théodore Dubois Marche F-Dur Guillaume Lasceux Andante F-Dur Adolph Hesse Prélude F-Dur Nicolas-Antoine Lebégue Couplet du "Gloria, et in terra pax" G-Dur François Couperin Vorspiel G-Dur Justin Heinrich Knecht Plein jeu G-Dur Nicolas-Antoine Lebégue Toccata G-Dur Giovanni Battista P. Martini Preludio G-Dur Johann Gottfried Walther Präludium G-Dur Johann Pachelbel Prélude g-Moll Jean Adam Guilain Präludium A-Dur Johann Pachelbel Moderato a-Moll Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck Fanfare B-Dur Théodore Dubois Toccata B-Dur Giovanni Battista P. Martini Fuge: Kleine Fuge C-Dur Theophil Forchhammer Fuge c-Moll Johann Ernst Rembt Fughetta D-Dur Friedrich Wilhelm Schütze Fuge d-Moll Johann Caspar Simon Fughetta e-Moll Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck Fugato F-Dur Johann Simon Mayr Fugue g-Moll Louis Marchand Fughetta a-Moll Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck Fughetta (Postludium) B-Dur Johann Ernst Rembt Trio: Trio C-Dur Johann Christoph Kellner Trio C-Dur Georg Andreas Sorge Trio c-Moll Christian Gotthilf Tag Trio D-Dur Johann Christoph Kellner Trio G-Dur Georg Andreas Sorge Trio g-Moll op. 49 Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger Biographical Notes 60 pages, softbound 2011 Bärenreiter      

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