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“Sonntagsorgel” is a collection of pieces for the amateur organist comprising three volumes. The edition is ideal for use in church services or for teaching purposes. This second edition includes meditative pieces by composers ranging Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck to Henry Smart. Contents: Meditaves Antienne Abbé Louis Lepage Prière Théodore Salmoé Präludium Friedrich Smetana Andante Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy “O crux” Franz Liszt Prélude pour l’ave maris stella César Franck Poco Adagio Robert Führer Andante Robert Führer Resignazione Franz Liszt Air Alexandre Boëly Präludium Christlieb Siegmund Binder Andantino Adolph Friedrich Hesse Cantabile Justin Heinrich Knecht Andante grazioso Henry Smart Pièce César Franck Elévation Léon Boëllmann Cantabile Justin Heinrich Knecht Andante Robert Führer Prélude Charles-Alexis Chauvet Andante Adolph Friedrich Hesse Präludium Adolph Friedrich Hesse Cantabile Justin Heinrich Knecht Per la Benedizione P. Giovanni Battista Martini Andante Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck Andantino Adolph Friedrich Hesse Verset Louis Lefébure-Wely Communion Abraham Louis Niedermeyer Cantabile Justin Heinrich Knecht Pastorale Noël en Musette Jean-Jacques Charpentier Pastorale Walter Battison Haynes Pastorella aus dem Schwarzwald P. Felix Gass Andante Robert Führer Pastorale Friedrich Smetana 65 pages, softbound 2012 Bärenreiter

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