Two-manual pipe organs of good design and voicing convincingly play hymns, service music, and literature. This new CD well demonstrates three fine organists at work on three different pipe organs, proving once again that the quality of a real pipe organ and intelligent musicianship trump artifice and the false promise of size alone. Great for organ committees to hear, the three organs range in size from three ranks to 25 ranks to 38 ranks. Music on this CD: Bach: Concerto in D Minor after Vivaldi, BWV 596 Haydn: Two Pieces for a Musical Clock George Shearing: Jerusalem, My Happy Home Karg-Elert: Postludio Festivo Rudolf Friml: Echoes of Spring Vivaldi: Largo and Trumpet Tune François Couperin: Cromhorne en taille Neustedt: Gavot Bach: Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now, BWV 655 Lefébure-Wély: Boléro de Concert played by Jason Alden and Susan De Kam on the 25-rank Reuter organ at Our Lady of the Lake Church, Rockwall, Texas Daquin: The Cuckoo Wolstenholme: Allegretto Krebs: Dearest Jesus, We are Here (with John Brechen, soprano saxophone) Dale Wood: Caricature of a Sunday School Song played by Ronald Krebs on the 3-rank Reuter organ at The Institute of St. Joseph, Chippewa Falls, Wis. Walter L. Pelz: Festive Intrada Boyce: Voluntary in D Vierne: from 24 Pieces in Free Style: Scherzetto · Lied · Divertissement Sousa: The Liberty Bell played by Ronald Krebs on the 38-rank Reuter organ at St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community, Wayzata, Minnesota

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