Featuring Gloriæ dei Cantores, conducted by Elizabeth Patterson, performing sacred choral music of William Mathias. James E. Jordan, Jr. plays the Great Organ at the Methuen Music Hall in Methuen, Massachusetts. The organ and the acoustically resplendent hall in which it sits, combine to create a sound of nobility and majesty that makes it one of the most famous organs in the world.  Track Listing: Kyrie  Gloria Santus Benedictus Agnus Dei Laetentur Coeli Victimae Paschali O Nata Lux O Rex Gloriae Except the Lord Build the House Angelus Veni Sancte Spiritus The Doctrine of Wisdom The Lord Is My Shepherd Hodie, Christus Natus Est Alleluia Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Total Playing Time: 74:36

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